How does it work?

It is a flexible programme enabling employers and individuals to select the modules that are most relevant to their job role. The modules can be taken individually or as part of a programme to demonstrate competence. Each module is assessed by a competent individual using a combination of on-the-job observation and question and answer sessions. Certification is available and up to five modules can be listed on each Validate Certificate.

Why choose Validate?

Validate is an innovative, modular programme to assess workplace competence with a strong focus on health and safety compliance. Validate offers significant benefits to employers and individuals.

For employers:

  • Easy-to-use skills checklist
  • Supports in-house training activity
  • Complements company appraisal programmes
  • Suitable for workplaces of any size
  • Flexible approach
  • Cost-effective

For individuals:

  • On-the-job assessment with no classroom exams or tests
  • Recognition of experience
  • Certificate of achievement

How do I get started?

To apply for a Validate licence, email to receive the application form or complete this online form. Or you can download the application form on the right and return it to the email address shown on the form. Alternatively, if you would like to discuss how Validate can be used in your organisation then email and we will arrange a call to help you explore the options.

Validate Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please refer to the following frequently asked questions before contacting WAMITAB.

Validate is a modular assessment programme for operatives in the waste management industry. It is part of WAMITAB’s provision for workforce competence and employer ownership. It is regulated by WAMITAB working in partnership with employers, their staff and WAMITAB centres. Validate is not a training course, it is a modular assessment programme that identifies and records the levels of skill and competence demonstrated by candidates as they carry out routine and non-routine waste management tasks. It is based on industry standard operating procedures and national occupational standards, and provides a framework for assessment.

The Validate work-based assessment programme was developed in response to employer demand for a system that could provide a modularised, standardised but flexible approach to assess key workplace activities at an operative level. It also reflects the emphasis on employer ownership of skills and their crucial role in assuring operatives perform to a safe and measurable standard. It is a strategic move from dependence on government funding and firmly places power in the hands of the employers in terms of workplace skills development. This focus on the “employer ownership of skills” is likely to stay and will change the skills landscape. WAMITAB worked with key employers and industry professionals to review the standard operating schemes used in a variety of workplace settings to create a “checklist” system to ensure each aspect of a task is performed according to company procedure and will comply with current health and safety legislation.

Validate is available for use by employers and registered training providers in the waste management industry on the premise they meet the licence requirements, in terms of assessor experience and training/qualifications. These are covered in more detail later.

When an individual has gained sufficient work experience in the job role •

When an individual feels ready for assessment having had a chance to check their skills against the assessment criteria •When the employer decides the individual is ready to be assessed •After an individual has completed a relevant training course that prepares them for assessment

Each module is assessed by a competent individual using a combination of on-the-job observation and question and answer both of which are routinely used in the assessment of qualifications. However, there is no requirement for a “portfolio of evidence”. This is because evidence of competence from observation and questioning may be routinely gathered as work is carried out and there is no time frame within which competence must be shown.

As a training provider, Validate can be a useful addition to your customer service office to: •Support training needs analysis or undertake skills audits •Complement existing non-formal training programmes •Offer a pathway to formal vocational or professional qualifications •Support and develop specific skill needs of clients •Support Health and Safety in the workplace

Validate is designed to assess competences in the workplace, so you could use this assessment programme to support: •In-company training programmes, including identification of training needs and assessment of learning outcomes •Recruitment and selection activity •Company appraisal schemes •Annual benchmarking checks to ensure tasks continue to be performed according to company procedures •Progression to formal vocational or professional qualifications •Support and promote Health and Safety in the workplace

Validate’s modular format means that competence can be built over time, which allows individuals to build a range of skills that are directly relevant to the workplace, with some key benefits: •No paper-based exams or tests to stress over, just a simple on-the-job assessment •Recognition of skills and experience •Certificate of achievement •Useful addition to CV •Supports career progression •Endorses the skills that keep employees healthy and safe at work

No, there is not a limit to the number of modules that can be undertaken; however, each certificate holds a maximum 5 modules (though it can be less than 5). The modules can be taken individually or as part of a longer programme to demonstrate competence.

Competency is based on mastery of skills. If the assessor concludes that the individual does not currently meet the standard they receive feedback on areas for improvement and can repeat the assessment again at a later date. Individuals may repeat an assessment any number of times until competent.

•A clipboard folder •One USB credit card flash drive (containing electronic copies of all the Validate modules currently available and administration forms) •Guide to Getting Started

Validate is sold on an annual licence basis, with additional fees for certification and external quality assurance (EQA). •Annual licence fee is £300 •Certification fee £20 for a single certificate(volume discounts available) •External Quality Assurance £250 plus travel expenses) There are some special Validate package deals available as well options for bulk purchase of certificates (link to pricing structure document).

Currently, there are 27 modules, with more in the pipeline. Further details will be made available via the WAMITAB website.

No, Validate is sold as a comprehensive toolkit and single modules cannot be purchased.

This work-based assessment programme is regulated and quality assured by WAMITAB. Our quality assurance procedures ensure that all products and services are delivered to a high standard that meets the needs of customers and stakeholders. These procedures include ensuring: •that all users of Validate comply with the terms of the Service Level Agreement •all assessment decisions and assessment papers are signed, completed and passed to administrator •administrator enters correct details and managers any issues/disputes/appeals •full records are securely kept and maintained so available for inspection when required •users receive an annual visit to check compliance and monitor the delivery of assessment

The key requirements to assess the Validate work-based assessment programme are: •relevant industry competence and experience •TAQA/CAVA qualifications OR •relevant industry competence and experience •have passed the WAMITAB Assessor Development programme

The Validate Assessor Development Programme is a one-day interactive workshop designed for those with appropriate work experience and industry competence. It is based on the relevant occupational standards and is intended to provide the necessary skills/knowledge to undertake the Validate assessments. It covers the key topics such as planning for assessment; carrying out an assessment; feedback to candidates, recording keeping; quality assurance and the day finishes with a 30 minute test.

To apply for a Validate licence, download this application form and return the completed form to Helen Kemp ( If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.