Centre contact details

Mr Michael Goodgame
PO Box 823
Chalfont St Giles HP6 9EX

What we offer:

  • Primary Competence
  • Waste & Resource Management
  • Cleaning

LONRAC is an Approved WAMITAB Assessment Centre offering candidates mentoring, assessment and verification services throughout England and Wales in the following areas:

  • Certificate of Technical Competence (CoTC) 12 unit qualifications for landfill operations [hazardous & non-hazardous], hazardous waste treatment and transfer.
  • 4 unit qualifications to achieve a Certificate of Competence (COC) for soil screening and concrete crushing (required with the changes to the EA exemptions to EA permits, from October 2013). With the “4 units in 4 weeks” approach from LONRAC  individuals can be operational in just 4 weeks at a cost of only £1500 + VAT (plus travel and WAMITAB registration fee) find out more here.
  • 6 unit qualifications to achieve a Certificate of Competence (COC) for metal recycling, ELV, WEEE, skip waste-style transfer stations, composting, inert landfills and restoration schemes such as golf courses.

Funded qualifications: LONRAC does not have access to funding for non-statutory qualificaitons, however, we will be offering an alternative certificated qualification through Wamitab’s Validate scheme, see below.

Validate: this recently introduced mechanism to enable workplace staff, e.g. drivers, loaders, street cleaners, other cleaners [buildings and similar], green waste collections and similar operations is available and represents a simple and cost-effective way to independently qualify staff where funding is unavailable to the employer.

LONRAC intends to launch Validate in early 2015 so please contact us to discuss this option for recognised staff training in these areas.

Continuing competency: see Wamitab’s tab for complete details. Contact LONRAC to discuss your options to demonstrate continuing competence through the use of existing Wamitab qualifications which may simplify your options when considering howto demonstrate continuing competence..

Extract from the above weblink; ‘If you achieved your Operator Competence after 29 February 2012 you will fall into the new rolling 2 year programme for continuing competence.’  

We offer bespoke training at your workplace and not classroom-based in this area; contact us for more details.

LONRAC’s client base includes private sector businesses and local authorities. Our clients are typically small and medium sized businesses and we operate mainly in the waste and metal recycling sectors.

We also work with major national and international companies in delivering competence assessments for their UK operations in order that their staff hold an understanding of UK legislative requirements for the management of the waste and recycling streams.

Working from offices in east and west London with accessibility throughout the UK.

We intend to open a new office in south Wales in the summer of 2016; please call or email to check opening date.

Please call us on 07711-547598 or email us at with your requirements and we will provide you with information and budget costs for your programme.