CIWM is delighted to announce that it has recently received recognition as an Awarding Organisation and End Point Assessment Organisation (England) from the educational regulators in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

This development marks an important milestone in the integration of WAMITAB into CIWM, a move that is intended to strengthen the provision of relevant and fit-for-purpose qualifications, particularly for the resources and waste management sector.

The resource and waste sector will sit at the heart of a post-pandemic green recovery and will play a critical role in helping to achieve the UK government’s ambitious environmental targets in years to come. We want to ensure that CIWM is positioned to deliver high-quality education, training and qualifications, creating and supporting a skilled workforce that is equipped to deliver the vital transition to a circular economy.

WAMITAB (the Waste Management Industry Training & Advisory Board) was established in 1989 by CIWM and other waste sector trade bodies. Solely owned by CIWM since 2017, it is a not-for-profit body with charitable status and its own Board of Trustees.

WAMITAB develops and awards qualifications for site and facility operators across the UK to demonstrate competence in line with the sector’s regulatory and permitting regime. It also develops and awards qualifications for those working in cleaning and street cleansing, facilities management, and parking.

As the leading membership organisation for the resources and waste sector, CIWM represents and supports over 5,000 individuals across the UK and overseas. Through a range of membership products and services, CIWM empowers its members to achieve success and plays a vital role in shaping the future of the sector, ensuring members’ views are represented and that policy development is informed by theoretical and practical understanding and experience.

In recent years, CIWM’s strategy has been to strengthen its focus on developing new and enhanced member services, as well as taking steps to ensure the ongoing commercial sustainability and resilience of the whole organisation.

The closer integration of WAMITAB into CIWM is part of CIWM’s larger mission to unite, equip and mobilise its professional community to lead, influence and deliver the science, strategies, businesses and policies for the sustainable management of resources and waste.
Work on the integration project, and in particular to align the operation and future strategies of both organisations, is well advanced, with both charities now operating from CIWM’s Northampton Business Park head office.

The full merger of the two organisations is expected at the end of 2021, with CIWM taking over the development and awarding of WAMITAB’s portfolio of qualifications in January 2022.

Those with existing WAMITAB qualifications, or those working towards them, will continue to be recognised via CIWM indefinitely, and CIWM is planning to work closely with industry organisations, such as DEFRA, to ensure that employer and employee recognition for qualifications continues to be as strong as it is today.

“The integration of CIWM and WAMITAB will help realise our ambition to reach a world beyond waste, by building on our respective industry experience, recognition and reputation to educate, professionalise and advocate for the waste and resource management sector. I am keen to work closely with WAMITAB Centres and stakeholders to identify new partnership opportunities, open up new markets, and share ideas and best practice; ultimately building a world-class education portfolio for our sector. – Sarah Poulter CEO CIWM

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Notes to Editors:

1. CIWM: CIWM is the leading professional body for the resource and waste management sector representing around 5,700 individuals in the UK, Ireland and overseas. Established in 1898, CIWM is a non-profit making organisation, dedicated to the promotion of professional competence amongst waste managers. CIWM seeks to raise standards for those working in and with the sector by producing best practice guidance, developing educational and training initiatives, and providing information on key waste-related issues. More information can be found at

2. WAMITAB: WAMITAB is an awarding organisation and charity that develops qualifications for those working in waste management and recycling, cleaning and street cleansing, facilities management and parking. WAMITAB works directly with industry leaders to shape and deliver employer-led qualifications that provide individuals with fit-for-purpose skills for the workplace.