New online service for standard rules waste permit applications

You’ll be able to apply for standard rules waste permits next year using a new online service. The Environment Agency is building the service on the GOV.UK website. They’re also creating new software for Agency staff to process applications.

The online service will replace the current PDF or paper forms. It should simplify the application process. The requirements and checks will remain the same.

The aim is to launch the standard rules application service in late spring or summer 2018. The plan is to extend the service in future. It should eventually cover bespoke permits, variations, deployments, transfers and surrender.

They’re planning a gradual roll-out of the service. There will be a ‘private beta’ launch for pre-selected applicants in March and April 2018.

Opportunities to help test the new system

The Agency has already tested prototypes of the new service with some permit holders. They’d now like more feedback from potential applicants. This gives you the chance to see what they are building and to help them develop a better system.

You can register an interest to test the new service or to take part in the ‘private beta’ launch. If you are selected, the testing happens over the telephone using your own computer. It should take about 45 minutes, whenever was convenient to you.

Register your interest

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