Natural Resources Wales recognise that protecting public health is a priority during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As the environmental regulator for Wales, we want to ensure that we regulate all our customers including the waste industry using proportionate and pragmatic measures during this difficult time.

We expect operators to make every reasonable effort to maintain compliance with legislation and conditions in their permit. This will include the expectation that operators and the waste sector are ensuring contingency plans are in place.

We will be communicating Regulatory Decisions and other information to clarify how we will respond to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Please find attached a Regulatory Decision that has been issued by Natural Resources Wales. It relates to:

      • temporary exceedance of specified waste storage limits at permitted sites;
      • or this Regulatory Decision to apply prior agreement with the regulator must be in place.
      • This Regulatory Decision will not apply where there are existing non-compliances, which pre-date the UK pandemic.

Document: Regulatory Decision – RBB-C19-017: Coronavirus response – exceeding waste storage limits at permitted sites

200407 RBBC19017 – Storage of waste at Permitted Waste Sites

200407 RBBC19017 – Storio ormod o wastraff ar safleoedd trwyddedig CYM

This Regulatory Decision applies to Wales only.

For further information, please instead contact your Site Regulator, Area team or the Customer Hub at Link